VIDEOS Sheree’s boyfriend Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad from television appearances and seminars

.Sheree Whitfield's boyfriend Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta the recently divorced Sheree Whitfield has been testing the dating waters with one Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad, a relationship expert, author, poet and finger-licking bad cookie dough pusher.

As we talked about in a previous post, “The Love Doctor” has been a little less than honest in how he has presented himself to the public, including the fact that he isn’t really a doctor, but one thing that is true is that for whatever reason he is often asked to give relationship advice on television shows and people do pay to see him give seminars on the subject.

So, I gathered up a collection of videos of Tiy-E offering up advice, appearing on other reality shows and even “singing” a song! To kick things off here is a “video bio” compiled by Tiy-E highlighting some of his numerous television appearances on talk shows like Ricki Lake and Greg as well as the MTV reality series Made and the seminar which Sheree attended on the show. (You can see Sheree sitting as a guest of honor at the table behind Tiy-E around the 7:57 mark)

Here he is offering up his insight on the question, “What Are the Most Extreme Sex Fetishes in the World?” during a Manswers segement on Spike TV:

Still not quite feelin’ the woo of the real deal ladies’ man? Go run a bath, light some candles, dim the lights and let Tiy-E melt your heart with the song “Can I” …

Not here to get wooed? Just looking for some advice on how to make your relationship work? Want to know how to get a date with a Bravolebrity like Sheree Whitfield so you can embarrass yourself and creep out millions of television watchers around the globe? Here are lots of Tiy-E Muhammad self-help videos addressing such questions and subjects as:

Would you marry you?

Good Sex.

Will Your Man Cheat On You?

Love, Sex, and Happiness

Are Friends Healthy?

And in case you wanted to do some extra research here are a few books by Tiy-E available on

Secrets Men Keep: What They Don’t Tell

From Player 2 Poet

Why You Are Not Married; The Eternal Spinstir

25 Reasons Why He Won’t Marry You and 5 Ways To Change His Mind