Courtney Love says she deserves another chance

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After spending the better part of two decades as the punchline to talk show hosts’ jokes, Courtney Love is fed up with being known as a Hollywood train wreck.

“Listen, if Natasha Lyonne can burn down a house and Robert (Downey Jr.) can go to prison for two years, I deserve a second chance,” Courtney told Canada’s Fashion Magazine. “I know there is hope for me.”

Although the Golden Globe-nominated actress/critically acclaimed musician had success in the 1990s, her reputation is tainted by multiple stays in rehab and erratic public appearances.

Now 49, Courtney said has gotten her act together and is working on an autobiography, new album and clothing line. Still, she fears she will be denied a fair shot at success because of her past.

Fashion Magazine Winter 2013-2014 - Courtney Love

“I got really ostracized by [fashion] after I went to rehab in 2006,” she said. “After I got out, no one would dress me and I sucked it up. I went to Paris, got on a plane and I was only invited to two shows.”

After that experience, Courtney said she learned to surround herself with people who could help her succeed in the “reactionary community” that is the fashion industry.

“The next time I went back to Paris was in 2008 and I got invited to a hundred shows.”

Do you think Courtney deserves another chance?

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