Dear Yeezus! New religion is based on Kanye West

Yeezianity - Kanye West

In I am a God, Kanye West sings, “I know he the most high / But I am a close high / I am a god…” Apparently, some take that verse quite literally — and have come together to form The Church of Yeezus.

“We are an anonymous group who believes that the one who calls himself Yeezus is a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity,” explains the Yeezianity About Page.

To further clarify Yeezianity, the unnamed founder spoke with Noisey this week…

“He’s a god. You’re a god. Why Yeezus is the figure is because Kanye is the one who believes that the hardest, so that’s why he’s the model for behavior,” the founder said, adding Kanye is the most honest and creative person in our culture.

The founder said he was inspired by Kanye for years, but only created the guidelines of Yeezianity one month ago. He connected with like-minded individuals by promoting the religion on Twitter and Craigslist.

“The diversity has been substantial,” the founder said of reactions. “There have been people who’ve sent me just straight up support — they must like the positive message about it. And then there are some people who’ve sent me a lot of Kanye hate mail, but that’s cool.”

Aspiring Yeezianians can become “members” by adhering to five pillars…

1. All things created must be for the good of all.
2. No human being’s right to express themselves must ever be repressed.
3. Money is unnecessary except as a means of exchange.
4. Man possesses the power to create everything he wants and needs.
5. All human suffering exists to stimulate the creative powers of Man.

Yeezianians must also make a few declarations of faith: I believe I Am a God / I believe Yeezus Is a God / I believe in the creative power of Man, etc.

Speaking with Noisey, the founder said he’s enjoying the new fellowship. But, his ultimate goal is meeting Kanye.

“I don’t want to take the whole thing to a personal level, but there’s no one out there doing what Kanye is doing. And how do you get someone like that’s attention?”

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