Kris Humphries’ Kim-look-alike ex-girlfriend says he married Kim Kardashian for fame; Kris horrified at show edits

Here’s a shocker, Kris Humphries may have married Kim Kardashian for fame, and mocked Kim and her family when he dated ex-girlfriend Bianka Kamper (above, who sort of looks like Kim.)

Leading up to Kim’s ridiculous circus-style wedding, the viewing audience didn’t really get much of an indication that Kim and Kris got along very well, or seemed compatible in any way. So far Kourtney & Kim Take New York‘s look into the beginning of Kim and Kris’ 72-day-marriage shows that taking vows in front of God and millions of people doesn’t magically make an incompatible couple get along.

Bianka told In Touch recently that she believes Kris only courted and married Kim for fame and money, and that when he was with Bianka he mocked the Kardashian’s reality shows and refused to watch them, made fun of Kim for being famous because of a sex tape, and called them all garbage and trashy. He also often told Bianka, who resembles a less glam, more down-to-earth Kim, that she was “a lot more attractive” than Kim. So, naturally, Bianka was shocked when Kris dated and married Kim on television. Kris had always told Bianka that he took marriage very seriously, and wasn’t into spending a lot of money, so it was odd when he got married so quickly in such a lavish wedding. To make matters sting more, the pop culture nuptials occurred on Bianka’s birthday!

It does seem fishy that Kris debuted a sweet watch endorsement deal right after Kim filed for divorce.

Kris came off like a disinterested husband who was ready to move thousands of miles away from his new wife when they should be going on a honeymoon. He was also caught on camera telling Kim she ate too much wedding cake, getting pissy over nude yoga in their hotel suite, and breaking Kim’s manicured toenail. There are far worse things husbands can do, but does it hurt a man to say he’s sorry when he chips your toenail?

Kris’ camp is sounding off about his poor portrayal and edits on K&KTNY, claiming that producers purposely put Mason’s playroom next to Kris and Kim’s upstairs room instead of downstairs with his parents Kourtney and Scott were downstairs, and that they left out Kim complaining about Kris not working. They also say it was Kim’s idea for him to move back to Minnesota to train, and to give the couple “some distance.” Kris was reportedly in utter horror over the edits. But honestly, these explanations from Kris’ camp don’t really make him look any better. Who knows how pure Kim’s intentions were, but for all the talking Kris does to the press about how much he “loves his wife” he never seems to genuinely be into her from the footage the audience is shown.

This whole debacle should never have happened, but right now I’m still leaning towards Kim’s side, if I have to pick a side at all.

What do you think, did Kris marry Kim to help his career? Did he ever really love Kim? Did Kris play Kim more than she played him? How would you feel if you were Bianka?

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