Are Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton on the rocks? Kendall worries Lewis will “steal her limelight”

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The budding romance between Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton might have crashed and burned before it even got a chance to cross the finish line. Kendall, 19, had been in an alleged flirtation (if not an outright relationship) with Lewis, 30, for some time. Then, things heated up last month, when Kendall (along with Kylie and assorted Jenner hangers-on) flew to Monaco to watch Lewis race in the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix. Hamilton came into the race in pole position, but finished third, a fact none of the models he partied with after the race seemed bothered by:


Kendall Lewis



It was shortly after the race that the two were reported to be an item. Even Kris weighed in on the topic, saying she’d given a relationship between Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton her blessing months earlier. Kendall’s mom thought Lewis “was perfect for her daughter,” especially since “Kendall usually goes for bad boys.”

Now, though, it looks like things are trending in the opposite direction for the couple. Kris might be “over the moon” about Lewis, but Lewis thinks he “isn’t cool enough” for Kendall: “Lewis clearly fancie[s] Kendall but she seem[s] more interested in hanging out with her friends….Lewis is worried he isn’t ‘cool’ enough for Kendall and she’s concerned his career may overshadow her modeling.”



Kendall Stretch


It’s a worry that Kendall shares, as well. Lewis Hamilton is at the top of his profession, regularly ranked among the best and / or most profitable Formula One race car drivers in the world. Because of that sport’s widespread influence and popularity, he has an international reputation, along with international renown.

Kendall has had some early modeling success–she did just show off her underwear for Calvin Klein, after all–but, in terms of career trajectory, she has a long way to go to match Lewis. According to multiple sources, he might be more interested in Kendall’s more popular (and slightly older) friend Gigi Hadid, with whom Hamilton also partied in Monaco last month.


(Photo credits: Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton via Instagram)

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