Why did Kendall Jenner drop her last name?

Kendall Jenner

After years in the spotlight, Kendall Jenner has decided to drop her last name in hopes of being known simply as “Kendall.” The 18-year-old reality star has grown up with the notable Jenner name that has helped make her famous, so why turn her back on the name now?

Contrary to what most people might think, Kendall claims being a Jenner wasn’t helpful when she started out in the modeling world. “People didn’t want to take a chance on me, I think because I was sort of known,” she told Us Weekly.

The 5’10” tall beauty says she had to work even harder in order to make a name for herself. Kendall began modeling at 14 and has built an impressive resume in just the last four years. Highlights of Jenner’s, I mean Kendall’s, career include campaigns for Forever 21, photoshoots with Teen Vogue, and walking the runway for Marc Jacobs. That could explain the reason she dropped out of traditional high school.

Her modeling agency, The Society Management, officially lists her as just Kendall on their website. Despite the professional change, Kendall is still Kendall Jenner on Instagram and Twitter.

When asked why she decided to go only by her first name, Kendall simply said, “It was just my choice.”

Once models become supermodels, most people tend to recognize them on a first name basis eventually. Tyra. Kate. Giselle. Kendall?

Do you think Kendall dropping her last name was a good idea? Do you think the single name thing will stick? And will we soon be saying just Kylie as well?

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