PHOTOS Gypsy Sisters’ Mellie Stanley slips in grocery store bathroom, breaks pelvis

Mellie Stanley hospital with fractured pelvis

Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley is no stranger to fighting, and courtesy of a slippery floor in a grocery store bathroom, the fiery reality star got into a losing fight with gravity, resulting in a hospital stay and a fractured pelvis.

“Got admitted in the hospital last night,” Mellie wrote yesterday on Facebook. “Now I’m still sitting In here with a fractured perlvic [sic] bone THANKS FOOD LION FOR NOT MAKING SURE YOUR FLOORS WAS DRY.”

A commenter asked, “Did they have up signs?” and Mellie responded by writing, “No Lindsey there was no signs and it was in the bathroom.”

As you might imagine, the always restless Mellie got a bit frustrated being laid up in a hospital bed, and yesterday she seemed to let her boredom turn into frustration at not having a lot of visitors. “Well it’s pretty bad no one could come see me at all but Kayla and Annie did stop by for a few mins just shows me I have no family but yet they wanna run my life well here’s a big F**K ALL YOU MOTHER FUXKETS D.”

Later that night, the combination of boredom and probably a few pain pills inspired Mellie to post some hilarious hospital bedhead selfies:

Mellie Stanley wild hair hospital

Mellie Stanley Miley Cyrus hospital

Mellie captioned the top photo with, “someone ring [sic] me a brush” and the second, “Hi I’m miley.” Mellie Cyrus! Brilliant!

The photos were later shared on the Gypsy Gossip 2 Facebook page and Mellie commented on them, revealing that she may have been SUI (Selfieing Under the Influence). “Omg lol I was crazy last night,” she wrote. “They gave Me dileted and it got me feeling like I’m dying…I won’t take it anymore I swear i thought I was dying i couldn’t hold my eyes.”

Earlier today Mellie posted the photo at the top of this post and responded to questions about when she might be released from the hospital. “Idk lol prob thurs they said but I might sign myself out I can’t take it in here anymore I’ve been by myself all day beside 5 mins.” That was after she revealed waking up in teh hospital was quite the unpleasant experience. “What a lovely way to start today. Waking up to trying your best to breathe WTF.”

No word yet if Mellie plans on suing Food Lion. And remember, she is reportedly still pregnant after revealing she was expecting her second child back in June.

Get well soon Mellie!

UPDATE – Apparently Mellie’s pelvis isn’t her only issue. Check out this photo she just shared of her bandaged ankle:

Mellie Stanley hospital ankle

“Only me… Look how bad it’s swollen,” Mellie wrote. She later responded to people asking if she planned on suing by writing, “Fck a lawsuit I just wanna feel better and out of pain.”

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