Katherine Heigl demands $6M from drugstore that used paparazzi picture in innocent tweet

Katherine Heigl Duane Reade Lawsuit

Katherine Heigl’s latest move likely won’t earn the oft-maligned actress new fans: She filed a $6 million lawsuit against Duane Reade drugstores for tweeting a picture of her leaving their store. GASP!

Here is the tweet in question, which was posted on March 18…

According to TMZ, Katherine thinks the advertisement diminishes her value as someone who carefully promotes certain brands. The lawsuit adds, “Plaintiff is a highly successful television and motion picture actress, producer and celebrity… (Who) continues to be in high demand in the entertainment industry… A recent search for ‘Katherine Heigl’ on the Google search engine returned over 3.2 million results.”

In defense of the lawsuit, Katherine makes it clear she would donate the money to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. The organization was created in memory of her brother and benefits shelter animals.

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