PHOTOS Prince George adorable during first royal engagement

Prince George's first royal engagement

“Hi – Mr. Bear. They call me Prince!”

Prince George made his first official royal engagement as he spent some quality baby time with 10 other little ones at an extremely exclusive playgroup in New Zealand.

The Telegraph reports that the adorable little royal showed that he became mobile earlier than his pops did as he crawled around on plush carpet making new friends and enjoying some toddler toys.

The playgroup was organized by The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society which provides free parental support services throughout the country.

Here’s another cute pic of the 8-month-old as he focuses his attention on a play pretty – or perhaps the pretty little cutie in the foreground (squeeeeeeee).

Prince George with a new friend

The idea of the engagement was to allow the royal couple to introduce their little guy in a less formal way. George did what kiddies do as he crawled around, put random junk in his mouth and even did his best to “borrow” a toy from a little girl named Paige. Paige got upset about the situation and Kate comforted her while telling Paige’s mommy that her son likes grabbing without asking.

And then there was this moment – which was my favorite pic from the many there were to choose from. George checks out the room as he grabs his mommy’s hair and takes a tickle sniff 🙂

Prince George smells mommy's hair

It’s official, the Prince can work a room.

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