Kate Gosselin’s boob job: before and after photos

Kate Gosselin, who may or may not be dating her married-with-kids bodyguard Steve Neild, posed on the cover of this week’s People in her “new bikini body.”

She looks phenomenal for a lady who carried six babies at once. She mostly got that way through exerciseand also had help with the excess skin via a tummy tuck. Now there’s a rumor (and mounting evidence) that Kate had a little something done to her boob area.

She used to be relatively small-chested, like in the photo at the left that was taken in April, 2008, but now she has huge, firm, breast-implant looking balls on her chest. She’s been looking this way since she started filming dancing with the stars this this March:

Kate’s also rumored to have had Botox, but at this point in the game that’s not shocking. Every single person above the age of twelve who has show business aspirations has botulism is their brains.