VIDEO Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin’s feud negatively affects the kids, he says


Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are no better at co-parenting now than when they acrimoniously split in 2009, he told Oprah’s Where Are They Now?

“[We have] two different totally parenting styles, two different totally everythings. Which is a shame. Because it affects me. But it really affects my children,” said the father of eight.

Even on the basic levels, Jon and Kate’s methods of parenting are very different. Jon is currently living in a rural Pennsylvania cabin, while Kate continues to live relatively lavishly.

“We’re just moving in totally different directions, just totally not on the same page at all about anything,” Jon said. “I don’t really know what goes on in Kate’s house, and she really doesn’t know what goes on in my house. There is no cooperation.”

One thing the former spouses do seem to agree on is that the other is to blame for their career difficulties. Kate briefly spoke about the lawsuit she filed against Jon and book author Robert Hoffman during a September interview with Today.

“It’s a lot of Internet bullying,” Kate said. “I’ve lost a lot of employment opportunities over rumor mills circulating false stuff.”

Jon, who is waiting tables while searching for an IT job, said he is also hindered by his semi-regular drag through the mud.

“I want to live a normal life, but I’m always drawn back into the media with certain conflicts, and it’s disheartening. It’s frustrating. I’m just looking for a normal career, so I can support my family and move on with my life.”

Watch Jon’s full interview during Oprah: Where Are They Now? on OWN this Sunday night at 10/9c.

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