Chastity Bono now officially a male: before and after sex change

It’s official! Cher and the late Sonny Bono’s daughter is now their son. Chastity Bono has now physically and legally turned into a male: Chaz Bono.

Thursday a Santa Monica judge granted Chaz’s legal right to be considered a male. The 41-year-old has lived most of his life as a lesbian female, and has been dating girlfriend Jennifer Elia for several years. He started sex change hormone therapy in 2008, and has had surgery on the top half of his body, but is coy about whether or not his bottom half has been surgically altered.

Chaz is a writer and gay rights activist who came out as a lesbian to his parents when he was 18. Family Outing, a guide to coming out.

Chaz at age four with his parents when he was Chastity:

Sonny And Cher