JON AND KATE PLUS 8 Who is Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Stephanie Lebo?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is back in the news in yet another public battle with ex Kate Gosselin. Now that his kids are adults, they are spilling the tea on the “reality” behind their infamous reality show.

Meet Jon’s devoted girlfriend who fully supports him…

Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama

Since its debut in 2007, Jon and Kate Plus 8 has been a lightening rod for drama. The series which followed the supersized Gosselin family ended abruptly when stars Jon and Kate Gosselin decided to separate in 2009.

Recently they’ve been back in the news feuding over son Collin, who, now that he is a legal adult, is choosing to speak out against his mother and her choices – like putting him in a behavioral institution when he was only 12 years old.

Jon and Collin recently spilled the tea on a VICE docuseries entitled Dark Side of the 2000’s which highlighted to rise and fall of their family of 10.

Jon Gosselin moves on

Jon Gosselin has fully moved on from his reality tv days and now earns a living as a DJ in the Philadelphia area. With no interest in going after the money Kate reportedly owes him, he is happy to live a somewhat normal life under the radar.

Most of his time is spent with the two kids he has full custody of – Collin and Hannah – but he has also found room for love with long time girlfriend of nearly two years Stephanie Lebo. 

Who is Stephanie Lebo?

Stephanie Lebo, 35, can be found on Instagram at @__ladiigreekstefanii__. Here you can see photos of she and Jon together, as well as Hannah, Collin and her 13 year old daughter Giulianna from a previous relationship.

Lebo has just gone public with Jon (who she lovingly calls Jonathan), telling The U.S. Sun about their courtship:

We fell in love very quickly. Jon said it first. But we rarely argue. And there’s no gender roles in our relationship, if I’m slacking in the dinner area he picks that up or if he’s running late I’ll pick it up. We are a good team and I like that. When he first folded the towels and actually took them upstairs – not just leave them on the stairs – I couldn’t believe it. I had to call my mom and tell her. Money, everything is just split right down the middle and even.

The two met at a backyard BBQ and have been quietly dating for several years. Turns out it wasn’t exactly a blind date situation – she had seen Jon and Kate Plus 8 in the past.

I did know who he was when I first met him, although I haven’t watched the show as faithfully as some others have, but I knew who he was and I had seen him DJing before.

Best of luck to the happy couple!

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