Justin Bieber’s new girl Yovanna Ventura is a fitness model

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Justin Bieber has a new girl, and it’s serious enough that he’s appearing in Instagram photos with her. Justin still calls the high school Yovanna Ventura “my friend,” but they’ve been seen on a date in Venice Beach, CA eating popcorn and getting snuggly. “Justin wanted to meet her,” a source told E! News. “He sought her out. It hasn’t been too hot and heavy, but they have been hanging out a lot. Their relationship is blossoming. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have now started dating.”

It’s only been a week since his latest split with Selena Gomez, but Justin’s clearly smitten with this 18-year-old “fitness model” with a booty to rival Kim Kardashian.

Yovanna posted this photo of herself last week with this caption: “Motivation selfie(left pic) right after the gym for the girls, remember you can accomplish any goal by working hard and having dedication.”

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Here’s another shot of Yovanna that accentuates her curves:

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Yovanna, who doens’t have a Twitter account, was able to accumulate over 200,000 Instagram followers in her own right before she even met Justin. She constantly posts photos of her toned body in bikinis and workout clothes along with motivation and inspirational messages.

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