Justin Bieber sent underwear selfies to Mark Wahlberg

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Justin Bieber sent underwear selfies to Mark Wahlberg. That is a thing that happened. Here is a thing you, the reader, might do in response to that news: Imagine any one of the expressions that might have crossed Mark Wahlberg’s face upon receiving a series of uninvited underwear selfies from Justin Bieber.

The two are friends, at least. And have been for some time! And Mark Wahlberg, in the event that you forgot, used to model Calvin Klein underwear, back in his pre-acting days. So there is at least something of a connection to be drawn between the two men, where underwear is concerned.

But for Wahlberg, 44, the 21-year-old Bieber “crossed the line” when he sent provocative boxer shots via textual message.

According to Wahlberg, Justin Bieber sent him an excited text to say that he was going to model CK underpants. That, though, was only the first text:


[Then] he sent me a picture and I was like, ‘Dude, don’t send me a picture of you in your underwear. That’s crossing the line. I don’t need to see a picture of you in your underwear….I’ll probably see it when I’m driving down the street, and I’ll still try to avoid it.


Bieber, who has not released an album of original music in nearly three years, recently piqued fans’ interest by allegedly leaking a new song, “California Cruisin’,” onto YouTube. The song turned out to be a fake.


(Photo credits: Calvin Klein; Justin Bieber via Instagram)

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