Catfish Cassandra Razmus pretended to be Zoe Craig’s friends

When Craig fell in love with a beautiful girl on Facebook, he had no idea that his potential Catfish would terrorize his sister and friends. Somehow she convinced Craig to let her get into his Facebook, and she somehow continued to hack into his account after he changed passwords. He can’t get over his feelings for her, but the things she did to his friends reduced him to tears. “I fell in love with somebody that’s just evil,” he cried after breaking down.

His friend Kayln says she somehow got naked pictures of her and started threatening her with them. Eventually she started slowly releasing the photos on Facebook, threatening and teasing Kayln in between postings.

Using some backwards phone number searches and a random photo of a different girl on Zoe’s Facebook, they found Cassandra Razmus. When Craig saw her Youtube channel, he recognized her voice. Nev, Max, and Craig actually tracked Cassandra down to her house and ambushed her there.

“It was just a joke that got out of hand,” Cassandra Razmus explained after she got found out. “It was just a game, a joke, but people on blast basically.” They asked if she was trying to get revenge, she says it wasn’t that, it was just that she wanted to mess with people.

The real Zoe, Cassandra Razmus:


Cassandra says she never had feelings for Craig, and defended her actions by saying that what she did didn’t matter because the profile “wasn’t me.” Eventually she just walked away, saying she “didn’t need this.”

Later they got Cas

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