PHOTOS Jesse James mistress #3 Brigitte Cindy Daguerre

Brigitte Daguerre poses with a motorcycle

The Jesse James mistress tree has officially been shaken and the sexy fruits just keep falling! The latest is photographer, pin-up model, vintage clothing store owner, actress and great-niece of the inventor of photography Brigitte Cindy Daguerre.

Yes, you read that right! For anyone that has ever researched the basic history of photography, or contemporary art for that matter, then you’ve heard of Louis Daguerre, the inventor of daguerreotype, the first large-scale commercial photography process. I’ll get to these more academically interesting aspects of Brigitte in a minute, but first let me cover all the salacious stuff!

According to TMZ, Daguerre was hired by Jesse James in 2008 to work on a West Coast Choppers photo shoot and that began a relationship that lasted about a year and included at least 195 text messages and four sexual encounters before Brigitte ended it. According to the site, some of the text messages are quite graphic, as you might imagine, and in one of the milder ones Jesse tells Daguerre, “I’ll be your monkey.”

TMZ also rounded up a collection of Brigitte photos:

Brigitte Daguerre

Here’s a blog entry from Brigitte’s myspace profile posted on August 9, 2008 that probably isn’t about Jesse, but it sure is fun to speculate and fan the flames!

Want To Go Ride?

What’s up with some guys? I need more girls to go riding with. If you are in L.A. hit me up. I was going to go ride with a “friend” of mine (Who I won’t name since he is on here) but he’s mad now cuz I don’t want to date him so now he doesn’t want to ride with me anymore. I seem to run into this problem allot. Am I being nieve or what? Guys are fun to hang around… They like to get dirty… But geez.

Okay, she had sex with Jesse James and they sent naughty words back and forth, blah, blah, blah. As is always the case whenever there’s a new mistress of Tiger Woods or Jesse James I hit the internet and start my researching, hoping to find a little something more than what’s already out there. I usually wind up with a couple speeding tickets and bikini photo or two, but Brigitte Cindy Daguerre was a whole other story! And I mean that in a good way!

Let’s see if I can’t piece together Brigitte’s history and resume for you. First, a little lesson in Daguerre family history. As I mentioned before, Brigitte is the great-niece of the inventor of commercial photography, French artist and chemist Louis Daguerre.

Brigitte Daguerre’s father taught her to ride motorcycles when she was 9 and grew up with Ed Hardy in Newport Beach, California.

A young Brigitte Cindy Daguerre with a mohawk
Young Brigitte’s (L) mohawk in a room lined with clove cigarette wrappers

Her mother Patti owned and operated a clothing boutique in Laguna Beach, California in the 70’s & 80’s and her grandmother “was a Lux soap model, as well as the head buyer & manager of 2 very upscale department stores in Newport Beach, and Santa Ana, California during the 50’s & 60’s. She was also an interior decorator for John Wayne & other famous people.” (via Oh, and her grandmother had Ed Hardy as a backdrop painter for her fashion shows!

Brigitte herself has been a vintage clothing freak and collector since she was 13, which lead to her eventually starting Posh Girl Vintage in 2001, an exclusively online retailer of vintage clothing and accessories.

But before beginning that enterprise, Brigitte was the first fetish model for Ken Marcus, one of the premiere fetish photographers on the planet (Dita Von Teese, Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni). Marcus cut his photography chops as Ansel Adams’ youngest assistant at Yosemite Park and later spent 11 years photographing centerfolds and more for Playboy, before moving on to the more erotically risque images he is now known for.

Ken must have realized Brigitte had royal photography blood in her veins, as well as a knack for art, because he took her on as an assistant. Brigitte was with Ken as a model and/or assistant from 1999-2008.

Brigitte Cindy Daguerre in a vintage calendar photo shoot
Brigitte Daguerre’s photo shoot for Speed Vision (Photo:

In addition to being a model for Marcus, Brigitte was also the subject of a number of paintings by one of the premiere pin-up painters of all time, Olivia De Berardinis. In all of the examples I could find, Brigitte goes by her middle name “Cindy Daguerre.” I made a separate post of all the Olivia paintings featuring Cindy I could find, you can see those HERE. (The main post has creatively edited images, but just click on those for all the Brigittastic naughty bits.)

Brigitte attended Los Angeles Pierce College from 2004-2008, where she was just a few credits shy of getting her BA in photography, web design, and liberal arts. Also during that time (between 2005 and 2007) Brigitte received her certification for web design at the UCLA extension, which she put to good use on her really nice vintage apparel site that I mentioned previously,

Brigitte Cindy Daguerre's website

In describing the site, Brigitte says:

After shopping online myself for vintage clothing I realized what I wanted was not on the web. I found either dirty thrift store quality clothes with really poorly designed websites, or really expensive museum quality clothing. So I set out to build Posh Girl Vintage clothing store. My goal was to build an online store that was modern & easy to use with clear pretty photos &, of course, to sell great unique wearable quality vintage clothing, designer clothing, & accessories at a fair price… neither too cheap, nor too expensive. I have a bit of an obsession with really pretty vintage dresses, especially informal vintage wedding dresses so my site reflects that. I prefer and sell vintage clothing from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, and a few pieces from the 80’s that are really cute. The 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s are our favorite decades! Formal gowns, and vintage prom dresses are also our specialty.

Just browsing through the site, it appears as though Brigitte’s goals were met! It’s a very clean and well-designed site with nice photos (duh) of all the clothing, although it was a bit disappointing not seeing Brigitte modeling a few of the outfits!

I guess I’ll wrap this up by saying that Brigitte Daguerre may be my favorite mistress I’ve ever had the privilege to write about! She’s sexy, intelligent, a successful businesswoman in something other than stripping or just posing nude and she has historically important blood in her veins! Brigitte, if you’re reading this, I want you to know it was an absolute pleasure researching you! will be your monkey anytime!

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