VIDEO Kohl’s releases Rebecca Black Friday commercial

Kohl's uses Rebecca Black Friday song for Black Friday commercial

I suppose it was inevitable that a retailer would use the most infamous song about Friday ever recorded to promote their biggest Friday of the year. That’s right, Rebecca Black’s “Friday, Friday, Friday” is now “Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday” thanks to a new commercial for department store giant Kohl’s.

The spot features an aggressive middle-aged woman shopper singing altered lyrics while shopping at Kohl’s. There’s even a cameo by Rebecca (or a Rebecca Black lookalike) as the singer in the commercial steals an item from the red-coated internet sensation.

I’m sure lots of folks are going to be b!thin’ and moanin’ about Kohl’s using the song, but I think it’s silly and fun, and besides, it’s only gonna be around for four days so why complain?

My only question is how did Kohl’s get the rights to use the song from Ark Music Factory? The last I heard they were still split and all tied up in a legal morass over the whole thing! Perhaps a large check from Kohl’s got them on speaking terms once again.

And just in case you were wondering, here are the altered lyrics:

Twelve AM still hours ’til morning
I’ve been online since yesterday
Breath smells bad
I need coffee
500 early bird specials
[hand in the face of an old woman trying to get past her] Not today!

It’s Black Friday, Black Friday
Gotta go to Kohl’s on Black Friday
Everybody’s going there at midnight, midnight
Black Friday, Black Friday
Something that rhymes with Friday
But done, done, done
I’ll be done with Christmas by the weekend

Can’t get this darn song out of my head

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