Michelle Bombshell McGee as Avery in strip joint promotional chilli cookoff video for San Diego Pure Platinum Kearny Mesa

Michelle Bombshell McGee, who may or may not have slept with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, may or may not be Amish, but is most definitely a stripper in San Diego.

Her stripper name is Avery, and she got fired two years ago from Larry Flint’s Hustler Club, but still works (or recently worked) for Pure Platinum’s Kearny Mesa. She’s featured in a promotional video as Avery that runs continuously in the club, but she can also be spotted in the Pure Platinum Kearny Mesa chilli cookoff promotional video, where they mash-up video of the scantily clad young women writhing on poles or wriggling their butts with the audio of greasy, pop-bellied chilli enthusiasts named “Ugly” describing what makes a good chilli.

Some memorable quotes from the video:

“It’s got to be a good blend of spices. No overpowering one spice. Just something you’d want to eat for the rest of your life.”

“It kind of builds slowly over the tongue, and keeps going for a bit, nice finish heat and a good overall balance.”

“A good red bowl of beef with a chilli flavor, that’s what you’re lookin’ for.”

“You want to look for a good blend of spices, where it’s not too hot, not too mild.”

“I’ve done eight of them, I’ve checked three, so there’s three of them that I’m gonna go back to. Because some of them are so hot, temperature hot, it’s hard to taste.”

Bombshell appears in the video at the top left corner at 3:28 and dancing from the back at 3:43. This was before she was as tatted as she now, but the tattoos on the back of her legs match more current pictures.