Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Twist booked for DUI after speeding in his Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber and his best friend Lil Twist who just got a DUI

Justin Bieber’s friends are practically known for their reckless driving while behind the wheel of Justin’s fleet of vehicles — especially his BFF, Young Money rapper Lil Twist. Last night, Lil Twist was flying around town in Mr. Mop Bucket’s infamous chromed out Fisker Karma when he was pulled over and deemed to be over the limit.

TMZ is reporting that Lil Twist was on the way home (he lives with Justin) from what appears to have been a wild night out on the town when cops spotted the vehicle speeding down Parkway Calabasas.

Justin Bieber's bodyguard shops for Justin at Ted Baker on Robertson Boulevard and drives off in Justin's Chrome wrapped, Fisker Karma electric car in Los Angeles, California.

According to police, Lil Twist appeared to be under the influence of something but it didn’t seem to be alcohol. They said “hello” to The Bieb’s Lil friend by arresting him on the spot and booking Twist for DUI.

Less than one month ago, Lil Twist and Lil Za were caught on tape driving recklessly in Justin’s gated community. In the video, the pair was seen driving on the wrong side of the road and speeding around another resident. After she later wouldn’t let them pass her at the gates to the community, they cussed her out.

Lil Twist also made headlines earlier this month after he and Kylie Jenner were spotted on what looked to be a frozen yogurt date in Los Angeles. As it turned out, it wasn’t a date.

Fisker Karma’s a b!tch y’all…

Middle Photo: WENN

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