Busy Phillip’s baby’s name is revealed, she defends the unusual moniker

Busy Philipps second daughter Cricket Pearl

More than one week after Busy Phillips and Marc Silverstein welcomed their second daughter, the baby’s unusual name has been revealed: Cricket Pearl Silverstein.

Although Busy hasn’t publicly addressed the name, she did tweet what sounds a bit like a confirmation. (And definitely sounds like a defense of the new baby and big sis Birdie Leigh’s names!)

It’s actually pretty funny that people are getting up in arms about the new baby’s name. With a mom who elected to go by “Busy,” her unusual childhood nickname, anything seems like fair game.

What’s most important is that Cricket is healthy and the family keeps chirping along without caring what critics say.

UPDATE Some 80s kids have commented on this story that Cricket doesn’t seem like an unusual name at all, considering there was a very popular doll by the same name.

Busy Phillips Cricket Baby Doll

Busy was born in 1979 and the Cricket doll was released in 1986, so it’s almost certain she was familiar with it.

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