PHOTOS Taylor Momsen promotes new ‘Love Rocks’ perfume at Hot Topic

As the ratings for Gossip Girl continue to plummet at an alarming rate (backstabbing and uppityness just isn’t as interesting when it goes to college), we continue to see the results of lucrative deals that were inked back when the show was still hip. Case in point: Taylor Momsen’s new perfume and line of cosmetics for Victoria’s Secret called “Love Rocks.” Here’s the zombie-eyed blond starlet pushing her wares at a store that used to be just as hip as Gossip Girl used to be, Hot Topic:

Taylor Momsen promotes her Love Rocks perfume at a Hot Topic

That is one big bottle of goth juice! It appears as though Taylor actually hurt her wrist lifting it! Here’s a photo of just the canteen with the added aesthetic feature of what appears to be a black leather rose:

Love Rocks perfume bottle by Taylor Momsen and Victoria's Secret

But, the product line doesn’t end with perfume. In addition to scented mist, bath and shower cream and lotion you can also get you some Taylor Momsen Love Rocks lip gloss. That by itself doesn’t sound all that exciting, but wait till you see its container! Look closely at Taylor’s left index finger in the top picture. Yep, you guessed it!

Taylor Momsen's Love Rocks lip gloss comes in an over-sized black goth ring

For all those depressed and angry emo kids out there hating on everything – Thanks to Gossip Girl and Victoria’s Secret you don’t have to hide your lip gloss any more!

And starcasm is proud to have an exclusive sneak peek at the next product in the Love Rocks line set to come out in the spring of 2010 – Taylor Momsen eyeliner!

Taylor Momsen eyeliner pen

Another suggestion would be some sort of Hot Topical cream and bleach bath beads.

Get your Love Rocks Taylor Momsen beauty products (including the perfume and lip gloss pictured above) over at! (Well, except for the eyeliner because it hasn’t been released yet and probably won’t be any time soon because we completely made it up)