Joe Giudice breaks down over going to prison, looking like a criminal

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Before Joe and Teresa Giudice were charged with 39 counts of fraud, Joe opened up about his fears of going to prison while taping Real Housewives of New Jersey. Before these charges were made, Joe was facing prison over another matter: identity fraud charges for using his brother’s drier’s license after he lost his own from a DUI charge.

While staying at an Arizona retreat, a horse handler asks Joe what he’s scared of, and he starts to open up “I think everybody has a little fear of something, you know what I mean? I just got lawyers involved and stuff like that,” he says reticently.

“It’s not like I’m a f**cking criminal – like where I’ve been in f**king prison a million f**king times,” he says. “Never killed nobody, never f**king did anything… you know, to hurt anybody. So I don’t belong there and I don’t want to go there.”

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“I have to say that was really big of you to say that in front of everyone, like, what your fear was,” Teresa tells her husband.

“Yeah it’s, you know, it’s always there,” Joe admits. “You get up thinking about it… When you let that out, you’re kind of like a little relieved.”

“I am totally shocked that Joe would bring up those legal issues. This is a big step for Joe Giudice,’ Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga says of his brother-in-law.

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