Crash victim’s estranged stepkids sue Bruce Jenner for wrongful death


Although Bruce Jenner hasn’t been charged with any crime for his role in a fatal February car accident, he isn’t entirely off the hook: The crash victim’s estranged stepchildren are now trying to squeeze a few bucks out of the wealthy reality star.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, victim Kim Howe’s two adult stepchildren claim they are suffering a “loss of affection” because of Kim’s death. They added Bruce’s “careless and negligent” behaviors caused the accident and they claimed he was speeding, even though investigators determined the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star was driving under the speed limit.

Now the reason for my cynicism: Multiple sources say the two stepchildren didn’t have any relationship with Kim. As TMZ put it, “They claim loss of affection, but friends who were close to Kim say there was no affection at all.” That should make their care pretty difficult.

The criminal case is technically still under investigation, but sources from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Department said it’s unlikely any charges will be filed against Bruce. He hasn’t spoken in depth about the crash, which happened after his interview with Diane Sawyer was filmed.

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