PHOTO: Jessica Simpson’s I Fancy You perfume ad

Jessica Simpson I fancy you perfume

Jessica Simpson fancies you. Or that’s what she’s claiming with her new fragrance and advert.

I think Jessica’s a pretty woman, and I like the natural look this advertisement’s going for, but I wasn’t a fan of the title “I Fancy You” at first. For one thing, I’m not used to perfume names being whole phrases. I’m much more comfortable with one word monikers that sink under the weight of their own heaviness. Like “Obsession” or “Transplendent” (not really a fragrance, but really should be one put out by Shelley Duvall.)

According to if you spray this on yourself you won’t smell like downhome fried chicken and Texas barbeque like you might expect, instead I Fancy You opens with “fruity notes of Fuji apple and pear. The heart is made of white flowers such as tuberose and lily of the valley, settling at the woody-musky.” Jessica told that the smell is supposed to conjure up those complicated and delirious first love feelings that “Make you realize that love can last forever.”  Your first love feelings may make you feel that way at first, but for most people that “love forever” feeling goes away after you crush stomps on your heart and deletes your phone number. Can we get a fragrance for that feeling and call it “I Effing Hate You!” or “Revenge?” It should be a scent comforting enough to spray on yourself when you spend evenings alone with your cat and your DVR, and strong enough to mask the natural scents of desperation and/or bitterness when kick up your heels and go out on the town.

What do you think of Jess’ new “I Fancy You” fragrance?

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