Jersey Shore’s Jenni JWoww Farley at ‘Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar’ launch

Jenni JWow Farley March 18, 2010

One of Jenni JWoww Farley’s many, many talents is marketing, so it’s no surprise to see the brick house Guidette cashing in on being a cast member of the enormously popular show Jersey Shore.

Her latest marketing adventure is as a celebrity spokesperson for Dr. Steven Greenberg’s “Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar,” a line of anti-aging skin products ranging from creams and cleansers to toner and eye serum. (I’m looking through the product site and I’m not seeing any sort of breast enhancement cream, so using JWoww to sell “Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar” might be a little misleading to women and hopeful men with girlfriends and/or wives.) Jenni was on hand in New York City, NY on March 18, 2010 for the launch of the product, along with Dr. Greenberg himself!

Here’s a tall glass of JWoww to drink up while you read:

The Sexy JWoww Farley

Curious about the product? Here’s the official search-engine-optimized sales pitch from

Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar anti-aging skin care products are the antidote to aging. Incorporate Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar anti-aging products into your daily skin care regimen and you’ll soon discover a younger looking you.

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, a renowned cosmetic surgeon, has created a complete line of anti-aging skin care products designed to improve the appearance of your skin. Through the use of proven anti-aging products like organic oils, carrot extracts, humectants and antioxidants, Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar anti-aging skin care products reverse sun and free radical damage and enhance the elasticity of your skin.

Originally created for his own patients, Dr. Greenberg’s Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar anti-aging products were specifically designed to protect the skin from the signs of aging. Don’t look your age, use Cosmetic Surgeon In A Jar anti-aging skin care products and look younger than you ever dreamed possible.

Trust Dr. Greenberg’s anti-aging skin care products and start looking better today.

Here’s a photo of JWoww and the actual Dr. Greenberg:

JWoww Wows At Cosmetic Surgeon in Jar Launch

Jenni has included the product on her own website with this description:

Stephen T. Greenberg, MD is the cosmetic plastic surgeon other doctors choose for their cosmetic procedures! Dr. Greenberg is renowned in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. All of his patients receive caring, individualized attention. Dr. Greenberg has been sought for his expertise by nearly every major publication and television network. Dr. Greenberg was recommended to me by a friend and performed my breast augmentation. I am happy to say that not only did I like the overall experience and am more than happy with the procedure results, but I am going to be helping him launch his own line of cosmetic surgery skin care products!

If you are interested in seeing Dr. Greenberg please don’t hesitate and call either of his offices, if you say JWOWW refered you, you will receive a free consultation and a discount on any procedure you get done as a result.

I think Dr. Greenberg needs to jump into the JWoww endorsement pool with both feet and go with the slogan, “Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar will take you from JMeh to JWoww!”

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Photos: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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