Octomom and Octobabies about to lose their home

Nadya Suleman's $450,000 home is being forclosed on

Nadya Suleman has been tryin’ to pay the bills for her 14-count brood through media endeavors like magazine covers, a documentary series, and is busy writing a book, but there was one $450,000 debt that is catching up with her.

Amer Haddadin sold the home where Octomom is currently living with her kids in La Habra, CA to her father March 2009 for $450,000 on some very specific conditions: They were required to pay monthly payments of $4,139, and a balloon payment of the full $450,000 was due March 10, 2010.

Haddadin says they did not make the balloon payment, and even missed the last $4,139 payment. He says they’ve also missed a few other monthly payments. The scorned property owner is now threatening foreclosure and is going a step further: he claims to be the children’s savior.

He tells La Habra’s ABC7:

“What they are doing to me is not right, and I am going to take it to the courts, for foreclosure. If it wasn’t for me to help them to get the children out of the hospital, they would not have the children in the house, so I was the kid saver.”

He then told TMZ that he is indeed going to foreclose on the Octomom because “gentlemanly” attempts at resolution have failed.