Ronnie Magro gets stitches on bloodied hand, addresses Jersey Shore Reunion snub rumors

Jersey Shore Ronnie Magro new girlfriend

After missing out on the joyful Jersey Shore Burger King chicken Parm family dinner reunion, Ronnie Magro is still managing to make headlines the GTL way: bloody altercations at the club! We reported this week that the MTV Guido was photographed at a Las Vegas casino with a mystery woman, both of whom had blood all over them, and Ronnie had his left hand wrapped in a plastic bag.

Ronnie’s rep later spoke with TMZ and said that the incident went down at the Tao night club. The rep says Ronnie was not involved in the altercation and was merely “attempting to cover his gf when someone threw a bottle or glass,” according to the site. Apparently the glass “shattered on Ronnie’s hand” and that caused numerous lacerations and a lot of bleeding.

A rep for Tao later spoke with TMZ and told the story a little differently. According to the Tao rep, there was no one else involved and “Ronnie just accidentally broke a bottle in his hand.”

I dunno — I’m not buying either of these stories! lol

Ronnie Magro fight Las Vegas

TMZ updated later with a photo of Ronnie’s injured hand in which you can see multiple cuts on the palm side. There are a couple band-aids on his fingers, which were reportedly given to him by Tao security before they advised Ronnie that he should get stitches. TMZ says Ronnie initially refused to get stitches (as you do when you’re at the club with your girlfriend), but he eventually gave in and got stitched up Friday afternoon.

The bloody photo and all the speculation surrounding it inspired Ronnie to Instagram a picture of him and his mystery date just before whatever happened at Tao happened. (The photo is included at the top of this post.)

Ronnie laughed off all the stories about what happened with his usual Instagrammatical style of hash tagging everything: “#aboutTheOtherNight #AnotherOne #Something #BeforeIApparentlyFoughtTheInvisibleMan ?? #PeoplesStoriesAreAmazing #ThisWasRightsbeforeIWrestledTheAlligator.”

Soon after that picture was posted, Ronnie shared an animated gif laughing off reports that the very likely Jersey Shore Reunion would not include him — mostly fueled by his notable absence from the Burger King video:

As far as the bar fight, it’s hard to imagine someone wasn’t filming on their phone when it went down! But, if that were the case, then TMZ would certainly have posted it by now. Maybe there is something to that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” slogan after all.

There’s also another question: Who is Ronnie Magro’s new girlfriend? Is he officially not Famously Single any more?!

Stay tuned.

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