PHOTOS Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese engaged to Christopher Buckner

Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese engaged

There’s one less meatball on the singles market as former Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese is engaged! The 29-year-old announced the joyful news over the weekend with a series of photos of herself and fiance Christopher Buckner on vacation in Mexico where he proposed during a night-time walk along the beach.

“I always knew I would spend the rest of my life with Christopher,” Deena captioned the photos above on Saturday. “But last night while we were walking on the Beach in Mexico he made it official!! We’re engaged!!!!!”

Deena returned with more pictures in which you can see her engagement ring more clearly, although it may take a minute for you straight fellers to get your eyes to focus on the ring:

Deena Cortese engagement ring

“I felt like the other pictures didn’t show how beautiful the ring was,” Deena wrote with the second collage. “The pic on the left was me a little after he proposed after I was finished happy sobbing lol Christopher did such an amazing job picking me out the perfect ring .. It fits my little hand perfectly .. This still all doesn’t feel real!!! I love you @cbuckner_ this weekend has been so amazing so far ❤️”

Deena continued to update fans on her newfound love of the #EngagedLife with this poolside photo and caption:

A photo posted by Deena (@deenanicolemtv) on

I can’t believe this is all real .. ?? what a weekend ❤️ this year has been really hard for me and my mom..I honestly haven’t felt 100% happy since my dad passed away ..until this weekend .. Chris couldn’t have picked a better time to do all of this especially with the holidays coming up and me and my mom being super sad about not having my dad here .. I’m glad we are able to end the year with a happy moment.. I know my dad had a front row seat when chris proposed and I know he’s looking down with a smile from ear to ear .. I love you chris and love that you brought me to this beautiful place for our anniversary/engagement weekend ❤️????

Meanwhile, Christopher also shared a post-engagement Instagram update, albeit slightly less verbose than Deena’s. Here’s his photo of Deena soaking up the sun which Christopher accurately described by writing “My fiancé @deenanicolemtv taking the ☀️”

A photo posted by Chris (@cbuckner_) on

Christopher and Deena (Christeena?) have since returned from their Mexican vacay, and Deena once again shared her reflections on the engagement and their anniversary — this time with one of the cutest celebrity “mug shot” photos ever:

Deena Cortese mug shot photo

“We’re back home,” Deena wrote. “Had such a wonderful anniversary/engagement weekend get away .. But now I’m excited to see family and friends and celebrate our engagement with them ❤️ the only thing I wish is that my dad and your nanny could be here to celebrate with us .. But I know they are here with us and always will be ?? I love you Christopher Jay Buckner ?”

Offering up congratulations to Deena and Chris is their Couples Therapy therapist Dr. Jenn Mann:

We’d also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Deena and Christopher! We look forward to the wedding and yet another wonderful Jersey Shore Reunion! 😉

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