JERSEY SHORE Ronnie’s girlfriend Jen Harley arrested in Vegas for domestic violence

Jersey Shore Ronnie's girlfriend Jen Harley arrested 2019

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Ronnie Ortiz Magro’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Jen Harley has been arrested for domestic violence in Las Vegas, despite the fact that she was reportedly the one that called police.

According to jail records, Jen was booked into the Clark County Detention Center just after 3AM in the morning on an outstanding warrant for domestic violence. TMZ spoke with law enforcement sources who tell them: “Jen actually called the cops early Thursday morning and said someone had a gun. Cops responded, came to the house and when they did a background check found she had an outstanding warrant.”

Amazingly, we don’t know anything more about why Jen called — including who it was that allegedly had a gun.


According to court records, a warrant was issued for Jen Harley for misdemeanor domestic violence on April 17. That warrant was from a New Year’s Eve incident in which Jen and Ronnie got into yet another heated altercation. The fight reportedly went down about fifteen minutes after the couple entered the Hustler club in Las Vegas. Multiple sources report that Jen threw an ashtray at Ronnie and hit him in the face, resulting in multiple cuts to Ronnie’s face. After the incident, he was caught on video leaving the club with blood on his face.

Jen is still listed as being in custody at the time of this post, with a bail set at $3,000.

This is the second time Jen has been behind bars after a heated altercation with Ronnie. She was arrested in June and charged with domestic violence after arguing with Ronnie, and then dragging him with her car — all in the presence of their almost 3-month-old daughter Ariana Sky present. Prior to that arrest, there were numerous other incidents between the couple. Here is a brief timeline of just some of them:

APRIL 2, 2018 – Jen Harley gives birth to daughter Ariana Sky

Jersey Shore Ronnie Magro Incredible Hulk Jen Harley feud

APRIL 29, 2018 – Ronnie and Jen get in a nasty fight on social media, call each other “hoe” & “coke head”

APRIL 29, 2018 – Ronnie issues an apology to Jen and his fans for what he posted online

APRIL 30, 2018 – Ronnie and Jen Harley get into physical fight during Instagram live stream

JUNE 7, 2018 – Ronnie and Jen fight at a hotel after one of their dogs was found dead in their pool

JUNE 24, 2018 – Jen arrested after allegedly dragging Ronnie with her car

DECEMBER 31, 2018 – Ronnnie and Jen reportedly get into a fight at a Las Vegas club, during which Jen busts open Ronnie’s face with an ashtray

MAY 16, 2019 – Jen arrested on an outstanding warrant from the New Year’s Eve incident after she called police to report someone with a gun

Perhaps it’s about time that Ronnie and Jen get the Jenlle and David Eason treatment from MTV?

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