Jenny Slate will not be fired for dropping the F-Bomb on SNL

Jenny Slate drops the F-Bomb on Saturday Night Live

Although Jenny Slate used a word “you can’t say on television” during her premiere on Saturday Night Live, she’s not going to be sacked! Furthermore, since the slip happened at 12:40 a.m., the sketch show will not face fines from the Federal Communications Commissions. Since the event happened Saturday night, news outlets have been burning up the airwaves with sounds of doom for Jenny Slate and buzz about the chunks of cash SNL would have to pay the FCC.

NBC spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo told the New York Daily News, “No truth to the firing conjecture. She will not be fired.” The show did make a big deal out of the affair, holding a meeting after the show. After the meeting, Slate tucked her tail between her legs and went home instead of attending the premiere after-party. People who say the F-word on TV don’t deserve booze, food, and debauchery.

Watch Jenny Slate drop the F-bomb here.

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