Jenelle Eason attacks WECT reporter Ben Smart, says Terry Hill pressing charges is ‘against the law’ because he was coerced

The lives of Teen Mom 2 couple David and Jenelle Eason have gone completely off the rails over the last two weeks, and the derailment all began with a video David posted of himself on Instagram firing an automatic weapon in which he included #Trump in the caption. That video (combined with David’s previous history I’m sure) raised a red flag in Washington, D.C., which prompted the Secret Service to visit The Land to survey the situation.

As the Secret Service agents were pulling away, David began posting a series of angry videos in which he gave the agents the finger and said “F**k you!” before then showing off his arsenal of weapons and ammunition. David promised that anybody else who came on The Land without a warrant or without calling ahead “is liable to get f**king killed. Anybody.”

Over the next few days, David’s Instagram account was frozen and he posted a Facebook video stabbing his own finger playing the knife game as he and Jenelle planned a trip to the Raleigh/Durham area for her birthday and for her to visit a doctor about her ongoing medical issues.

In protest of his Instagram account being frozen, David moved over to YouTube to continue sharing his controversial video messages — and he kicked off his channel with a video he shot back in June in which he forcibly towed another man’s truck that had parked too close to David’s trailered boat. A WECT news reporter named Ben Smart tracked down the owner of the truck, who turned out to be a rather personable construction worker named Terry Hill.

Terry revealed to Ben that he actually had a confrontation with David after the towing incident in which David was “cussing and fussing” at him before he and Jenelle drove off. Terry mentioned that there was damage to his truck, including eventually having to have his transmission replaced, and that he called the police immediately after the incident. Despite the altercation and the damage to his truck, Terry decided not to press charges.

After the news story aired locally (and on social media), the Wilmington Police Department was inundated with people demanding that David Eason be charged, but a WPD rep issued a statement saying that without Terry’s cooperation, they would be unable to pursue any sort of criminal case against David.

The Wilmington Police Department wasn’t the only one getting feedback after the story aired, however. Terry revealed that input from his wife as well as numerous comments online convinced him to press charges after all. In one of the most entertaining (and kind of silly) events that I have experienced in my ten years writing about 16 and Pregnant and the Teen Mom shows, WECT reporter Ben Smart decided to live tweet Terry filing the charges in a series of photos and a video report! Amazingly, the Wilmington Police Department joined in with a live update of their own. (Included below.)

Terry’s change of heart about filing charges, and Ben’s vested interest in pursuing justice in the matter, really angered Jenelle and she went off on the report in a series of Facebook posts early in the AM on Sunday. Jenelle says she has contacted an attorney because “young buck” Ben quoted comments made by David that were “off the record.” Plus, she argues that Terry’s change of heart was illegal because “if someone else has convinced you to press charges and not being your own idea is against the law.” (I believe Jenelle is implying he was coerced?)

Here is a full, unabridged recap that picks up just after the initial WECT report by Ben Smart on the towing incident in which we were first introduced to Terry Hill…

David and Jenelle both responded to the hubbub over the video, including the local news coverage. David basically argues that he was in fact blocked in before saying about the owner of the truck: “if he was handicapped he shouldn’t be on a construction site.” (Terry is a construction worker who was working at the location in question.)

Jenelle shared a longer response, which seems to morph into pure Trumpspeak towards the end. Here are the full posts by David and Jenelle:

DAVID: I wasn’t blocked in?? Ok, so what’s in front of my boat ya dummies? Yea I just go around doing sh*t for no reason. And if he was handicapped he shouldn’t be on a construction site…

JENELLE: Ok I don’t want to talk about this but you made me lol.

Person purposely parked behind Davids boat to block him in.. who’s in the wrong ? Preventing David from going to work after breakfast?


There wasn’t another vehicle when we parked. Later on the dude was “handicapped” yet was WALKING NORMALLY WITH NO CANE, YELLING, AND CUSSING A STORM. ?

Didn’t mention he was handicapped until 6 months later when he makes it “POPULAR ON THE NEWS” ?! This “handicapped” contractor is also mad because this is his “everyday parking spot” and was angry David took it one day to make sure his boat was out of the way.

Pitty on David? No PITTY ON THE OLD MAN WHO IS MILKING EVERYTHING HE CAN. It’s ILLEGAL to prevent someone from leaving somewhere especially going to work and especially with CHILDREN in the car.

David posted this to introduce his YouTube page and you guys cant stand it so you try everything to get my husband in trouble.

No ones property was damaged and this man is now trying to get a new truck out of us. ??????

WECT News are idiots and fake news. They want to run up on the new Columbus County Sheriff’s land, spy in the sheriffs home in another county. Shady ass news station that makes drama out of nothing. Always trying to get ratings out of my husband because no one watches their show. Sorry, I watch FOX News because they report the truth. ??‍♀️

And WECT next time you want to use my husbands words for another segment of yours… make sure it’s ON RECORD

Meanwhile, Ben Smart and the Wilmington Police Department essentially live tweeted Terry’s change of heart:

Jenelle took to Facebook early this morning to offer her retorts:

Just in case you were unable to read Jenelle’s posts in the gallery above, here is a transcript of what she wrote — which was accompanied by photos of WECT’s coverage of the story and the Wilmington Police Department’s initial statement about not being able to pursue the matter due to Terry not being willing to press charges:

WECT News you need to hire someone that knows the rules to journalism.

The morning before my procedure we woke up to a strange email from a young buck named Ben Smart and he was from WECT Local News. He begged David to write a story on him and come visit our home. David said “no sorry bro out of town.” David explained his side of the story and said OFF RECORD. OFF RECORD means as a journalist you cannot include those words in your article or story. Contacting our lawyer about Ben Smart today for harassment.

Ben Smart of WECT still perused to call Terry Hill and convinced him to “press charges” on my husband. Then Terry Hill goes home to his wife who furthermore tries to convince Terry. Well Terry I HATE to tell you this but if someone else has convinced you to press charges and not being your own idea is against the law. Most of the time if that made it to court. would have been thrown out anyways. No charges are being pressed. End of story, leave my family alone WECT.

Ben Smart was so angry he didn’t have a “story” cuz David and Terry refused to get back into the ordeal… Ben tried to convince Terry to ruin someone else’s life. @WECTNews

It’s been more than 36 hours since our last update from either Ben Smart or the Wilmington Police Department. It’s important to note that it is the weekend, and there is a government shut down right now. Hopefully we will know more on Monday about whether or not there is a warrant issued for David’s arrest.

Stay tuned!

On a side note, David’s fellow Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert responded to our story on Twitter by suggesting that David shouldn’t be getting away with all his antics and the Wilmington Police Department needs to step it up:

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