Jalissa was fake! Alissa Violet says she never actually dated Jake Paul, he emotionally abused her

While Jake Paul’s relationship with Erika Costell might be for real, in the latest installment of Shane Dawson’s documentary series, Alissa Violet reveals that she never officially dated Jake, even though she wanted to.

Alissa says she entered in a business contract with both Jake and Logan Paul to be in their videos and pretend to be Jake’s girlfriend. According to Alissa, Jake mainly wanted her for his thumbnails because he noted people clicked on his videos more when she was in the promo picture even if she barely appeared in the actual vlog.

They would hook up and Alissa says she always wanted Jake to commit, but he would never talk to her about their relationship. Instead, he’s always be planning the next prank.

Some of the pranks Alissa was involved in she was told about in advance, but other pranks were pulled to get a genuine reaction – like the time she was pushed in a pool when she was trying to get ready to go to a charity event.

After Jake Paul and Alissa Violet parted ways, there was a lot of drama surrounding the fact that she hooked up with his brother Logan. Jake even talks in earlier installments of this series about how much this hurt him. Alissa claims that this was all for show and “clickbait.”

“Jake lied and says I cheated,” Alissa says. “I never cheated. We were never together.”

Alissa also claims that while Jake was never physically abusive, he was constantly emotionally abusive towards her. She says she never walked away from a conversation feeling good because she was always being made fun of and being made out to be “crazy.”

Alissa does admit that eventually this led her to decide to retaliate by messing with his mind as well. One day everyone but Alissa was invited to a lodge getaway. When Alissa pushed as to why she couldn’t go, Jake replied that he wanted to have sex with a girl there and wouldn’t allow Alissa to go.

Alissa was so “disgusted” and sad that she called up Logan and hooked up with him. “I’m so disgusted by it,” Alissa says. “Because that’s not who I am. That’s not who I ever wanted to be, but it happened.”

Shane Dawson says that Alissa’s story makes sense to him now that she explained what happened from her point-of-view. “I’m grossed out that Logan was okay with doing it, because that was his brother,” Shane says.

Alissa reiterates that she and Jake were never even together and in fact, he would hook up with girls, mostly Instagram models, in front of her right after they hooked up. He would DM the girls to say they could audition to be in Team 10, but they would never be in Team 10, he was just finding a way to manipulate girls into hooking up with him.

Alissa says she wanted to leave and be independent, but she couldn’t afford it because they held on to most of her money. Although the Team 10 group were entitled to a cut of her earnings, they “managed” her money for her and would only dole out a small amount. After she left, she eventually got the money owed to her, but at the time it was hard for her escape because she didn’t have access to her funds. “I feel like I was a pawn,” she says.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor @AmeliaStarcasm