THE WORLD OF JAKE PAUL Is Jerika real or fake?

One of the biggest revelations from YouTuber Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul may be the true status of the blockbuster social media star’s relationship with Erika Costell. Just last year Jake Paul was telling The New York Times that it was all fake and everything in his life was scripted like the WWE. His latest video “Dear Erika, I Love You” showcased their relationship, but in a pristinely perfect way that hinted at emotional distance and made it hard to tell if it was genuine or just part of the show. However. Jake and Erika’s interactions around Shane Dawson’s team painted a different story.

Shane’s arrival at the ridiculously impressive current Team 10 House – (The walls are partially made of LEGOS and have real scenes inside of them,) was shockingly real and down to Earth. While Jake is a ridiculously wealthy guy who’s into fast cars and stunts, in this light he seems much more normal and down-to-Earth.

At several points cameras catch Jake and Erika holding hands and staring into each others eyes when they don’t think they’re directly being filmed.

Shane confronts Jake and Erika about their “fake” relationship ship and says that he’s heard from people that know them that it’s actually a real-life romance. They confirm that they are, indeed, actually together and say that the rumors don’t piss them off because they know what matters.

Erika does admit that their relationship started from a weird place. She says that while she doesn’t think it was ever truly fake, it did start off as more of a working relationship. The pair got fake married the first day she joined YouTube just to shock and entice people.

So, folks, it looks like “Jerika” is legit!

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor @AmeliaStarcasm