Is Peregrine Honig from ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’ a panty pusher?

On June 9th at 10PM EST Bravo is  launching a new reality series Work of Art: The Next Great Artist that mirrors the show Project Runway but instead of fashion focuses on fine art.

One of the contestants is Peregrine Honig from Kansas City, who is a co-owner of  “an intimate apparel apothecary and swimwear boutique, called Birdies. It looks like a really cool shop and the website is fantastic. It even includes neat  pick-and-choose dress app to help customers pick out what they like.

Here’s a screen cap from her Facebook page, which mentions a New York Times write-up that sent the visitors flocking in:

At the website for Birdies visitors are provided a panoramic “virtual tour”  of the shop:

I have no idea how Honig does on the show but I do know that I’ll be tuned in.  From her personal website I think she has some really great stuff and I mean she’s hip-hot and co-owns her own trendy intimate apparel store in Kansas City.  How cool is that?