PHOTOS Big Brother 12’s Matt Hoffman was on “Average Joe” in 2005

Matt Hoffman from Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back

One of Big Brother 12’s thirteen house guests is Matt Hoffman, a 32-year-old tatted web designer who likes to rock out and reportedly backed out of the show last season at the last minute to get married. It seems rather suspicious that CBS would ask him back and some are speculating he is the “saboteur” this season, a theory that is only backed up by a skeleton from his closet: Matt has reality show competition experience!

That’s right, Matt was one of 18 competitors on NBC’s Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back in 2005! The premise of the show was to give “average Joes” a shot at dating a beauty queen in a similar format to The Bachelorette. In Matt’s season the guys were competing for the heart of “Anna Chudoba, a beautiful red-headed 26-year-old model and UNLV business management graduate (and former Fear Factor contestant) who was born in Poland and raised in Las Vegas.”

Sadly, Matt lost out in the race for Anna and the victory eventually went to Nathan Griffin, a 26-year-old former Air Force missile technician. It was still a victory of sorts because there were also 7 “hunks” in the competition and more times than not the “average Joes” would lose out in the end, but ol’ Nathan pulled the upset when Anna found out via her mother’s interrogations of the final two contenders that the hunky Rocky had cheated on his previous girlfriend and was just on the show to promote his acing career. (For Bachelroette fans, this is called the “Rated R Maneuver.”)

Matt Hoffman and the cast of Average Joe 4

Here is Matt’s bio for the show from NBC:

Matt Hoffman

Date Of Birth: Unknown
Residence: Elgin, IL
Occupation: Online courseware developer
Marital Status: Single

Matt Hoffman is an online courseware developer from Elgin, IL. Matt was born in Chicago and raised in the northwest suburbs of the city and graduated from Bradley University with degrees in radio/TV communications and psychology. He went on Average Joe for the experience, the “free vacation” and because he thought it would be “an exciting chapter in his life.” The Mensa member feels his best qualities are that he is intelligent, charismatic, funny and “extremely talented” in the areas of music and technology.

Screen grab of Big Brother 12's Matt Hoffman from Average Joe 4

There were a couple of interview videos with Matt talking about his Average Joe experience on YouTube, but they have since been deleted. I have contacted the person who uploaded them to see if they would consider sharing them again.

So what do you think? This certainly sounds like the resume of a hired “saboteur” looking to win $50,000 for making it through half of the season!

Want to see more of Matt? Check out some of his band Shooting Blank’s videos HERE!

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