Audrina Patridge gushes over the love of her life Corey Bohan, wants to be an actress

Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge at the Annual Simon G Soiree at TAO inside The Venetian Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Audrina Patridge’s dating life on The Hills was often eventful. The  actress and model dated a handful of men during the show including the infamous Justin “Bobby” Brescia and even Brody Jenner, but none of those relationships stuck. Instead, it was an Australian BMXer who she met during filming that she fell in love with.

After breaking up with Justin in 2008, Audrina met Corey Bohan and quickly had him join her on camera for an episode of The Hills. During filming, Audrina didn’t seem to be ready for a relationship and although she and Corey seemed to be a good match, things didn’t last and she went back to J.B.

Then, a few seasons later, the pair rekindled their relationship and went on to star together in Audrina’s spinoff The Audrina Show.

Corey Bohan and Audrina Patridge on an episode of MTV's The Hills

Now that reality TV has ended for Audrina, she’s settled into real life with the man she says is the love of her life — and she couldn’t be happier. They have even “talked about” getting married sometime in the near future.

“We’ve been off and on for almost five years, but we’ve been solid,” Audrina reveals to Us Weekly, adding that while she’s not yet engaged, she won’t necessarily be telling the world when it happens. “There’s so much pressure from the media and other people, so we try not to tell everyone our business. It will be up to us.”

For now, the two are enjoying their relationship as it stands and are generally content. The only problem would be the massive distance between them when Corey is in Australia. “Whenever he’s in different countries it’s opposite time, so we won’t even talk to each other on the phone for like five days,” she said. “We’ll hear from each other maybe once every few days, so it does get hard, but you just have to stay busy and keep moving so you don’t have that time to sit.”

After taking two years off from showbiz following the cancellation of The Audrina Show, Audrina says she’s ready to get back in the game. “I was kind of burnt out,” she admits. “Now I’ve been going back to acting class and going on auditions for hosting stuff and different TV shows.”

As far as signing up for another reality show, Audrina isn’t so sure. “I’ve been through that,” she explained, “and it’s hard for me to trust anyone as far as reality goes.”

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