Is Jared Leto dating anyone?


Jared Leto, who will always be Jordan Catalano to My So-Called Life fans, came out of a six-year acting hiatus with a bang. His transformative performance of Rayon in The Dallas Buyer’s Club earned the 42-year-old actor an Oscar nomination. He’s also been rumored to be dating everyone in Hollywood. Is he single?

Jared’s been linked to Taylor Swift, Shailene Woodley, Miley Cyrus and Lupita Nyong’o recently, but Jared says his whirlwind life (including traveling with his band 30 Seconds to Mars,) makes dating difficult. It looks like there’s no one special girl in his life right now. “I love traveling incessantly,” he told People magazine. “But a lot of people would like the instability. It makes having a relationship and family difficult. Right now I think about what’s in front of me. I love the work.”

He’s also a little awestruck by all the awards and recent attention he’s been getting. “I never expected this. The accolades, the support; it’s not something I thought would be the story of my life.”

And if he isn’t cute enough, he asked his mom to go with him to the Oscars. Here’s a clip of her reaction:


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