Imprisoned sex offender sues Taylor Swift for stealing his life story

Taylor Swift Sued by Sex Offender

Depending on whether Taylor Swift has a good sense of humor, this is either shaping up to be a good or bad week for her… Not only was her Twitter account hacked by someone threatening to leak nudes, but she is also getting sued by an imprisoned sex offender for supposedly ripping off his life story for her latest album.

The whole hacking debacle seemed to begin and end yesterday, when someone tweeted from Taylor’s account that they had “hundreds” of nudes. She quickly reclaimed the feed and shot down the threat.

But, Taylor’s troubles don’t end there: Convicted child pornographer Jose Hilario filed a handwritten lawsuit against the singer from his prison cell earlier this month, Radar Online revealed this week. In it, Jose claimed Taylor emailed him in 2008 because “she was lonely and sad and that she needed someone to chat with.” He said they began regularly conversing online before meeting at a Rhode Island mall in April 2008.

“The defendant and the plaintiff met and they hugged and they kissed each other,” Jose said. “On this day the defendant promised the plaintiff that she would help him with his legal problems and that she would write and sing songs about him… Now in 2014 the plaintiff discovered that her new album is titled ‘1989’ … its lyrics is about the life of the plaintiff.”

Jose said he and Taylor could easily solve the dispute if she would just help him out with his legal problems and introduce him to Miley Cyrus. If she doesn’t do that, he’s seeking $100 million.

The only problem I see with Jose’s case is that if Taylor really stole his life story, wouldn’t he be able to just shake, shake, shake it off?

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