How much does Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric treatment cost?


Amanda Bynes is currently undergoing treatment in a psychiatric center that may continue throughout the end of the year, and beyond. Doctors are currently tweaking her “drug cocktail,” but remain optimistic that Amanda will be able to function well. Although she hasn’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia, she is reportedly being treated for the disorder. TMZ ran some of the numbers and found that Amanda’s longterm hospitalization comes with a hefty price tag.

She no doubt has some sort of insurance, but if she remains in treatment for a long time, she might test the boundaries of her coverage. She’s staying UCLA Med Center, which costs $3500 a day, making a 60-day stay come in at $210,000. If she stayed an entire year, the stay would cost well over $1 million.

In other Amanda Bynes news, her lawyer says that a tweet from Amanda on Saturday that said “I love Drake,” was not from her. “Amanda’s Twitter account has been hacked,” Attorney Tamar Arminak said in a statement. “She is at the UCLA Medical Center with no access to phones or computers.”

The tweet has not been taken down, and Amanda’s Twitter account hasn’t tweeted anything else.

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