‘Holly Hobby Lobby’ cheated on veteran husband at Family Values conference

Holly Hobby Lobby Gun Picture

Holly Fisher, who became a mini-celebrity within the Tea Party after posting a couple controversial pictures last year, now admits she cheated on her husband at a Family Values meeting in November.

Holly rose to self-described “mini-fame” last summer when she posed in a Pro-Life shirt with a Chick-fil-A cup outside a Hobby Lobby after the craft store won the rights to withhold a full range of contraceptives from employees. The picture of Holly went viral when she added the caption “How to make a Liberal’s head explode.”

Holly Fisher - Holly Hobby Lobby

Riding that momentum, she posted the even more controversial top photo a day later. She added, “Biggest complaint I’m getting about my #HobbyLobby pic is there’s no gun, Bible, or flag. Tried to make up for it.” She was quickly applauded by many in the Tea Party — and condemned by thousands of others who compared it to a famous photo of “the White Widow,” a suicide bomber who killed herself and four others in 2004.

Holly Hobby Lobby and White Widow

After that, Holly now admits she got swept up in politics and spent the next few months helping out with campaigns… And struck up a relationship with Joel Frewa, a now-former video editor for the Tea Party News Network who reportedly resigned after the affair was exposed. Their fling, which included a romp at a “Restoring the Dream” event, was exposed yesterday by GotNews‘ Charles C. Johnson, a conservative blogger.

Charles posted screen-shots that show Holly saying the stories were just from “vengeful people” are were false. However, a short time later, she admitted it was true on Facebook.

In the overwhelming mess of the political spotlight and trying to find myself and where I belong, I actually completely lost myself. I lost my faith in my marriage, I lost my faith in this life that not only I’ve chosen for myself, but a life that I promote. Happy military wife with kids and church and happy, happy, happy. False. My life crumbled. My marriage crumbled. I lost my faith in God. I didn’t know where I was going to go next or what I was going to do. For a very short period in the middle of that, I actually believed my marriage was over and found someone else… I do not condone adultery or divorce, but I certainly do not have the room or even the want to judge those who have went through those situations.

Holly added on Twitter that she lied to Charles, but said she only did that because she wanted to tell her own story. Most of the comments on Holly’s Facebook posts are from supporters who say they respect her even more now for admitting her mistake.

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