Hazel-E fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood before saying gays should ‘burn in hell like God said in the Bible’

Hazel-E gays burn in Hell Instagram post

Hazel-E has reportedly been fired from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood! The announcement comes just days after Hazel-E went on a homophobic rant on Instagram by stating that all homosexuals should “burn in hell like God said in the Bible,” but VH1 says the decision to let her go was made before the remarks were posted.

From TMZ:

A spokesperson for VH1 and the show’s producers says they collectively decided not to pick up Hazel’s option for the next season of LHHH — but says that decision was made on October 4. That’s a full 2 weeks before Hazel and her boyfriend went on a heinously homophobic social media rant.

Sources connected to production tell us Hazel had already worn out her welcome by the time she made the remark about gays and the Bible. We’re told she p!ssed off producers back in September, during the reunion show taping, which is why they pulled the plug.

In case you missed it, Hazel-E’s controverial remarks were in conjunction with even worse comments made by her boo Rose Burgundy after Camyonce posted a video stating Rose (whom he referred to as Denzel) was interested in men and was at least bisexual. Camyonce referenced a conversation he had with Rose about comedian Jess Hilarious, and Jess chimed in affirming Rose’s attraction to men. Also, judging from Rose’s reaction, either Camyonce or Jess apparently claimed Rose is 19?

Perhaps taking a cue from his brother Ron, Rose Burgundy then escalated things quickly by posting a photo of a burning rainbow flag along with this caption:

I’m 25 b!tch you really want to know how I feel about gays so bad well here you go I hope all gays die and go to hell thats where I’m come from B!tch check your lies before you post I’m from piru B!tch I’m 25 not 19 and it’s Denzell with 2 L’S B!tch google me.

well that escalated quickly Ron Burgundy meme

Hazel-E then responded with her regretful support: “Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible!”

After a HUGE backlash on social media, including Hazel-E being honored as a Twitter trending topic, she issued an apology video posted by TMZ:

In the clip, Hazel-E sort of backtracks and emphasizes that she only wanted one specific gay person to burn in hell, not the entire LGBT community. She points out that she has a lot of LGBT fans and that they are a huge inspiration for her look.

So are you buying Hazel-E’s apology? Will you miss her on LHHH?

UPDATE – Hazel-E posted on Instagram after her TMZ apology video and seemed to do a better job:

Let’s be clear as the text says I did my @Tmz apology as soon as I woke up yesterday because, it was heavy on my heart to apologize to the LGBT community, not because a company’s already ended endorsement stopped. I said I’m sorry, because I’ve talk to numerous fans, friends, and fans who I completely offended for my horrible remarks. You don’t have to forgive me, no man or woman can decide my fate on judgement day only God. I’ve learned so many lessons the last few days. I’m working on myself, I have no more time to address this, it was horrible, I own it & will never allow the actions of others to get me out of character ever again. To those who forgive me, thank you; for those who can not I understand ??

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