Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and Sheena Small Wells feud on Facebook over Starcasm post

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and Sheena Small Wells Facebook feud

Last week was the two-hour premiere of the third season of TLC’s Gypsy Sisters, and prior to the airing we published an article in which Season 2 cast member Sheena Diane Small Wells (who now goes by just Sheena Small) explained in her own words why she wasn’t coming back for a third season. It appears that after the premiere a number of fans were asking cast member Nettie Stanley why Sheen wasn’t on the show any more, so Nettie shared our post on her Facebook wall as an explanation. That apparently set Sheena off. BIG TIME.

Here is Sheena’s initial response, with some of the bad language censored a bit:

Hey nettie stanley do u think UR funny or n a shape to mess with me? U crippled bold legged b!tch! Now I haven’t bothered u! UR putting things on UR page about me! Let me tell u s|uts a thing or two! Nothing u wh0res can say or do to bring me to y’all’s level!! Between u n joann with y’all’s minge and boobs all over Facebook! UR husbands should beat u and take Facebook away! You are the REFFS on TLC trying to be something! Honey boo makes more money then UR tv show! Now let me tell u this! U might think UR a bad ass! Cause u ain’t had a b!tch like me n UR hands!!! So u skinny stinking big mouth c*nt! Yes I said c*nt! I’m not like any body u ever fight! I am and I’m going to f**k u up!! U better know u ain’t gonna set on me like u try to do with Kayla and ride me like a pr!ck!! Cause imma be the breaker for u!! I’m not gonna be UR tv entertainment!! Imma come drag u out UR trailor!!! And show u how to f**k a b!tch up!! Not set on them and say I’m a hungry wild cat!!!! U should have know. Better to f**k with me!! Cause now UR reputation u try to keep !! As a fighter? U crippled old gray hair granny! Imma show u a fight! U ain’t women or ready for! Drink UR proton b!tch matter of fact wat u 5 meals a day! I’m coming for u!!! And for who don’t like what I said !! We’ll stand in line!!!! [kiss lips emoji] for the rest of Facebook I’m sorry for cussing and getting out of line! Cause I’m nothing like Nettie and her s|ut sister!! The generic rumney!! The only way they can get a rumneys last name is to marry one!! Now u big TLC super star!! U had some balls to post anything to do with me on UR page!! Now imma make u choke on those same balls !!!!!!

OK, I’m officially wishing TLC would bring Sheena back now! BUT WAIT, it continues! (and continues and continues and continues…)

After a commenter with the last name of Small (like Sheena) wrote “dear joann DIED to be a small she was begging for it princess small my @ss they don’t have enough class to wear our last name!” then Sheena replied with:

She don’t have the CLASs I have n my @ss cheeks!! All she can do is get on tv and argue with people that won’t fight her!!! With her eyes big as quarters!! N spitting. Out the mouth! What she needs is a preacher!!!!!!

Nettie is her own bragger! She got to make her self something she’s not Nettie couldn’t Handel me on her best day!! God forgive me imma hurt her with her lupus c*nt she got!!!!

I feel sooooo bad for cussinnnnnn!!! I’m toooo good to do that but I had to !! That’s her kinda laungage maybe she can let it sink n her brain!

Sheena was quick to point out that she didn’t have anything against Kayla though. “Kayla is gooooood!!!!!! Kayla is classy and has respect!!!” she wrote, before adding, “Kayla n her girls are very respectfull!! I would never talk about them!! Very good hearted! And is familey!! And if it wasn’t for Kayla no one would care to watch it.”

Gyspy Sisters Sheena Small Wells

Then, a new post from Sheena:

Nettie Stanley u better go get UR hot glue gun out and twiddle with that before u mess with me!! Between u m Joanna!! With UR sneakiness! I wouldn’t call it craftiness cause see that’s what us real gypsy have craft! When we need too! So sneaky sisters! Didn’t u even think before u posted stuff about me? UR not stupid? U know what I am and what I will do? I’m not a homeless hungry cat like u claim to b!! I’m a SMALL !!! 🙂 I got my bragging rights! Didn’t have to marry to get my last name! U know u naked Facebook wh0res have started something u won’t be able to stop!!!!

At this point Nettie deleted the Starcasm post and addressed Sheena’s impassioned reaction:

Sheena your starcasm post is down due to your request but 1 thing is for sure I don’t put my fighting or what I can or cannot do on FB so u can call me or come see me if u got something to say ppl wanna no why your not here n u said cause of money so what!!!!!

Facebook user Lindsey commented, “It looked to me like you were trying to give her fans and answer from her mouth and not speak for her,” to which Nettie responded with, “Yes Lindsay that’s exactly what I was doing a lot of ppl was messaging me asking me the same thing over n over so I posted that and let her talk for herself!!! But like I said I DONT FB fight.” Nettie later added, “I don’t agree to posting ignorance about other ppl in general but I’d much rather do it too your face I feel FB fighting is only mouth ME I LIKE TO AEE YA FACE TO FACE sheena knows who I am.”

Take it away Sheena:

She would know better! Trust me lol she won’t fb fight cause I’d be at her door sooner then she thinks! Smart girl she better find something eles to do with those fingers of hers!

Ok Nettie UR right lmao I’m a pavers daughter!! Don’t need or want TLC pocket change!! Hahaha call u or come see u? Lol u better try n keep UR reputation as a fighter and mess with b!tches that won’t tKe UR title u have yourself by setting on another b!tch! I never told u to take it off UR page lol share it give more times! There’s nothing about me to hide or ashamed of! What I’m ashamed of is calling u familey! BUT GO AHEAD POST ANYTHING U WANT ABOUT ME! Cause belive me what’s done is done !! UR gonna find out!! And get UR feelings hurt! The only thing on TLC UR famouse about is a so called fighter! We’ll u are gonna put UR self out of a job messin with me! TLC won’t fool with u know more! I’m not like y’all I don’t like to fight my familey! Cause u have to take MERCY! And when I get started I don’t know what MERCy is! Yes u took it off about me! But UR gonna get it for putting it up! I don’t have to impress fans like u do! And don’t care to! UR fake as sh!t!! U gotta put on a act to get noticed! Attention wh0re! A real gypsy wife would only seek attention from her husband! As I see u wanted me and a post about me to get UR fans excited! Imma get th excited when u gotta be reached on the show! Or renamed!! To attention wh0re! U put UR nose I. Everyone’s biznus but UR own! U did it with Kayla u did it with annie! U just don’t stop! But I’m the one for u!!! U only post that post cause joann was posted all over u n UR sister big gappy nunnys was all over fb! Belive me nothing can bring me to y’all’s levels! Below me! Is we’re UR at! UR blinggggg can’t hide those p0rn star shots lol!!! Y’all couldn’t get credit for UR me nunnys!!! And that’s sad cause SEX sells I’m thinking u n joann need to take that TLC money n get UR nunnys redone!!!!

I now have a new favorite word that is a noun but can also serve as an oxymoronic adjective: “Nunny”

A Facebook user shocked after reading Sheena’s post asked what she missed and Sheena filled her in:

Lol ooo just attention wh0res wanting attention postin stuff about me thinking it bothers me!! Lol I’m not dirty n I’m not a criminal lol n I don’t take naked pictures! N I’m not a wh0re lol everything they have proooof of being!! And it kills them there jelouse of me n my sister !!! Lol they should try n take lessons on how to be like us instead of the hate! They should hate there self for what all they done Nettie n joann. The p0rn sisters that didn’t even get credit for there dirty minges n boobs all over Facebook! No matter what n who they sent it to a decent women would never take a naked picture!!!!!

N it kills them that they gotta be looked down on for there actions lol we all have choices n they got poor ones n they try n bring people down to there levels! Lol belive me they can’t ever come close to we’re I’m at !!!

Never bring a homeless hungry cat to a LiOns territory!! Lol ♥♥♥ now I’m done with them until I see them! Please forgive me Facebook! Lmao it’s n my blood!! Hahahahha I blame it on the SMALL !! My last name! We will never take shhh! Back down! Or do not start Trouble! But TROuBLE don’t like us!!

My Facebook is public for a reason! Nettie’s fans think they gotta do FBI work n screen shot what I say! Lol don’t worry fans of Nettie’s … Nettie knows me and she knows how I am! ♥ 🙂 lol no need to come and screen shot anything eles! Cause I’m done! It’s the devil n the evil coming out of them! All Nettie’s fans could u please Praise her a little better! Cause she is clearly wanting more attention! She has plenty of drama lol as TLC would say? What ever would want her to post about me? I have t talk to her don’t fool with them!! The only person I talk to or would talk to is Kayla! Here n there when she ain’t bizzy! Ok I’m done with this drama!!! Imma say this one more time only! Nettie Stanley. And joann carter! Don’t put UR sneaky stuff or fake facebooks about me! There’s ya warning!!!!

Sheena then explains her mug shot from our post:

That pic Nettie posted up of me! We’ll lol mug shot was because my licenses we’re suspended and I was driving my self from the hospital… I had kidney stones! I was really sick! And got pulled over! Everyone is asking me why I went crazy on her! Lol that’s why! I didn’t know Nettie was a big fan of me! I got plenty of good pictures she can choose from n post lol copy n share! She chose the worst one ever I looked like the walking dead! But I can say it wasn’t a naked picture! Those girls don’t even have a once of shame n there face! I wouldn’t have a Facebook after knowing my private area has went viral! Nation WIDE is on UR side! Lmao!

Oh, and of course someone tried to bring Mellie into the fray! “I am suprised mellie hasn’t ran her mouth yet !!” a commenter named Whitney wrote. Of course, Mellie did enter the fray, but surprisingly she took the high road. “Well Whitney for one I got enough going on and I don’t need to jump in a fight that m name was not mention in for two I’m pregnant and for 3 my mother is sick I’m not worried bout drama I’m worried about her thanks.”

Could it be that Mellie’s second pregnancy has really mellowed her out? I suppose we will see!

On a side note, I just visited my personal Facebook page and DANG it sure seemed boring.

New episodes of Gypsy Sisters (sans Sheena) air Thursdays at 9/8c on TLC. The Facebook drama airs 24/7.

UPDATE – It seems Sheena’s rantings may have gotten her an interview with The New York Times?!? Sheena posted this moments ago:

We’ll I just got a call from New York Times ! Wants to pay me to do a interview with them! From all this talk! They said they love how I’m real! N if they want any kind of truth they knew who to come to!! Lol thanks to u jelouse instigators!! Set back n watch!!

If Sheena did in fact get a call from The New York Times, I am guessing it has to do with the hot topic of reality show workers (and cast members) being underpaid because of Sheena’s monetary reasons for not returning to the show.

Sheena then she continued her rant, this time defending herself against claims that she was involved in the Target scheme that former co-star Joann Wells has been charged with:

I hate to keep making post! But I hate to be lied on! I have never been in trouble at target!! Lol if I was involve with joann! Wouldn’t I have got in trouble too? Right! See joann don’t have the money to pay back to target! And they think if they put my name in it that my DADDY would pay! So I wouldn’t get in trouble! Lmao nice try you scam artist! I’m sure the police officers have did there investigation! They know I wasn’t with joann when she got in trouble! So find another way to get your money to get you out of trouble! what these girls don’t know as much as they try to LIE ! And pretend to be innocent! And try n put things on other people! We’ll take a deep breath and look at UR life! U made bad choices! Be a women and own up to it! They have fans get on fake facebooks and write about people! Belive me I could make a fake one too and tell eveything I do know!! See I’m too proud to hide behind anything or anybody! What I say is under my name!

Nettie just shook her head and posted, “I’m am so sick of this woman (sheena Diane) that keeps making post about me now sheena I’ve texted you and I’ve called you but I will not FB finger YOU.” I cannot get those last three words out of my brain now.

UPDATE – Nettie shared this post (how meta is this story getting?!?) and wrote, “Here ya go sheena you got your 5 minutes of fame!!!!” Sheena responded with, “Hey Nettie Stanley I warned u about posting me on UR fb! U think that’s five minuts of fame!!! Imma give u five minuts of shameeee!!!!!! ♥”

And then:

Talk is cheap! Lol no one can still my sunshine!!! ♥*** I have JESUS!!! Can u say the same? ACTION speaks louder then Words!!!

Another thing! Do U guys know what the filming crew went through? Nettie the big movie star! Had to have a red bull or coffee to function in the morning! They put them poor camera people through hell! They cussed them! They disrespected them and a couple of them rode them! If u know what I mean! Camera men walked off the set because of all the evilness!! Who wants to hear screaming and fighting? All the time? Nettie don’t have nothing to do off the camera or on the camera! U see what she did to poor little Dallas! Her own kid! I’m really sick of talking about it! I honestly belive that the demon! Is in her! If her fans really care for her then stop n say a prayer for her! The devil was once a angel! Take notice she’s selfish… Greedy! Wants full attention! And loves to run her big mouth that she can fit a beach ball in!! See she don’t write Facebook status so she won’t loose a fan n look innocent! When all her dirt she does behind closed doors! U think I like to put all this junk on my fb! Hellll no!!!! But I will not let a low class REFF! Think she can even make a dummy of me!

UGH! I didn’t think I was going to update this post any more, but Sheena went after Joann specifically, so I figured I should at that:

Joann the gypsy princess! I think not!!! Joann the gypsy s|ut! We’re could you be a princess? U got a little girl that is a princess! UR a 30 year old has been! Has been around!! So sneaky c*nt! I know u play a part in this too! She left her kids n husband to be a TLC star!! Who leaves there kids? For tv! We’ll same as when she left them for men! She claims because she don’t want belcher! We’ll belcher told her she could have the house and he would not stay there! He is actually going away on biznus n pleasure so I heard! I don’t blame belcher! For two years belcher has been husband mother n father! So joann can try n be a star! A women that leaves her kids for any reason! Is not a good mother or any kind of women! Let alone a princess! Princess just went back to belcher and moved back in! Just left a few weeks ago! Hahaha we all know why! Her kids go to wake up without mommy! Cause mommy wants the D! Lmao who will be the princess new victim? Lol or is she stuck on a feeling! The only thing she’s a princess is princess of p0rn! Joann rename urself! Princess are innocent pure and is known as a virgin! We all know UR far from it! Rip and tore! Like UR menge pictures that we’re on Facebook! So u know for u help run a Facebook and talk about me! Who is the real women? Me or all u undercover wh0res? Belive me I’m not done! I’ve just got started! I would not have talked about none of u scum! Until u thought u was being crafty! See I’m all women only scared little b!tches gotta play with craft! Boney maronieeee!! With no @ss or t!ts!! Don’t think imma let u by with anything either! UR going down to!!

UPDATE – Sheena just keeps going, and going, and going… Click here for more, including allegations of pocket book theft, slandering of the Gypsy culture, adultery in a CiCi’s Pizza freezer, and the posting of graphic photos of “Virginias.”

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