Gwyneth Paltrow’s new shocking diet: IVs, bone broth and vegetables

The subject of what actress and “wellness” entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow eats in a day has been a topic of discussion for a while. People in general are curious about what others eat, especially those in high social status and are considered beautiful.

The fact that Gwyneth is the face of a lifestyle/health brand, just launched a restaurant concept, and has written multiple cookbooks makes her diet of extra interest. Unfortunately, Gwyneth’s current daily diet seems dangerously unsustainable for an adult human.

In a viral TikTok interview with Dear Media, Gwyenth reveals that most days she has coffee until lunchtime, when she breaks her fast with bone broth. She then has an early dinner, which she describes as “Paleo,” but only mentions vegetables.

She also does about an hour of “movement” a day like walking, pilates, or a Tracy Anderson workout. She then gets in a sauna.


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In another segment Gwyneth says she gets a lot of IV treatments as well, and she was actually hooked up to an IV drip during the interview.

When it’s pointed out that she’s on an IV drip as they spoke, Gwyneth at first acted embarrassed, but then was happy to chat about being an “early IV adopter.” She says she likes glutathione, which is something your liver naturally produces.


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She also says a “random, more fringy” IV drip containing phosphatidylcholine is one of her favorites because she feels amazing afterwards. Phosphatidylcholine is naturally found in foods like eggs, soybeans, and mustard.

Dietitian @andydoeshealthy points out that Gwyneth could get the same effect from eating eggs.


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This sparse routine has evoked a lot of shocked reactions and educated responses both in the comments and through TikTok videos.

Three years ago Gwyneth’s diet was still light and clean, but seemed a lot more substantial. For instance, she would usually get a protein-packed smoothie from Erewhon or a peanut butter protein bar for lunch.

She said she sometimes eats an egg salad sandwich on the rare occasion that she’s hungover, and sometimes she would test out something that her team was testing at Goop Kitchen. She recommend an IV at this point as well, but mores to treat hangovers.

At this time, Gwyneth would also have a snack around 3 or 4 p.m. of cashews or pretzels.

Like now, Gwyneth didn’t really eat breakfast back then, but said she would sometimes have brunch on the weekends.

For dinner, she would usually have Asian food with her kids that included fish for a protein.

She would also include a workout in her day, and then take a shower at the office.

Although this is still a small amount of food, it contains a lot more protein and some carbs from fruit (in the smoothie) or from pretzels.

In 2021, Gwyneth ignited a bit of storm with a comment on the podcast SmarLess where she said she had gone “off the rails” during part of the pandemic. She said she was “drinking seven nights a week and making pasta and eating bread.”

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