Gosselin Gossip: Date set for custody hearing, Kate Gosselin reportedly refuses to give kids her phone number

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

It seems Jon Gosselin is doing more than talking the talk this time: Following reports he was filing for primary custody of 11-year-old Hannah Gosselin, a source said Jon and ex-wife Kate Gosselin will actually meet in court in June to make their cases.

“It’s possible the court will make a decision before the June hearing,” the insider told InTouch. “But, if not, then everything will be decided then.”

It was previously reported that Jon was seeking more custody of Hannah after she said she “can’t take the cruelty anymore” at Kate’s home. Speaking this week, Jon’s lawyer, Kristen Doleva-Lecher said he isn’t scared to “fight for” his eight children. She added, “His priority is what is best for the kids.”

Before the custody decision is made, it seems Jon’s side is trying to sway public opinion by leaking some more stories about Kate’s parenting.

“[Kate] took off for four days last week,” the source said. “She left the kids with the nanny. Kate is supposed to give Jon first right of refusal to take care of the kids when she goes away and she didn’t.”

On top of that, the source said Jon was recently concerned to learn that the teenage twins and 11-year-old sextuplets don’t have a good way to reach Kate because she reportedly refuses to give them her cell phone number.

“The kids told Jon that they didn’t know where she went and had no way to reach her,” the source said. “Kate thinks if she gives it to them, someone else will get a hold of it, and she doesn’t want random people calling.”

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