FSU benches Jameis Winston for yelling stupidly obscene internet meme


Infamous Jameis?

The best player in college football can’t get out of his own way as Jameis Winston’s latest dumb move has resulted in him getting benched for the first half of their upcoming game against rival Clemson.

Students started flooding Twitter with reports that the Heisman winner had stood up on a table in the student union and started yelling the unfortunately moronic internet meme “F**k her right in the pu**y!” Seriously…

Coach Jimbo Fisher, who’s having a harder and harder time trying to defend this kid said, “It was not a good decision. You can’t make certain statements that are derogatory or inflammatory to any person, race or gender. You have to understand that. You have to be very intelligent about what you say, (because) it matters.”

The University issued this statement:

As the university’s most visible ambassadors, student-athletes at Florida State are expected to uphold at all times high standards of integrity and behavior that reflect well upon themselves, their families, coaches, teammates, the Department of Athletics and Florida State University. Student-athletes are expected to act in a way that reflects dignity and respect for others.

As a result of his comments yesterday, which were offensive and vulgar, Jameis Winston will undergo internal discipline and will be withheld from competition for the first half of the Clemson game.

The University and athletics department will have no further comment on the matter.

Winston got in trouble a while back for stealing crab legs and made national headlines during the team’s National Championship run when he was accused of raping a fellow student. Winston was never charged with the latter crime after a review from State Prosecutor Willie Meggs.

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