Police investigate after Florida mother-of-two dies following buttocks injections

Suyima Torres

On April 11, 28-year-old Suyima Torres paid $2,300 in cash for rear-enhancing injections at Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics in Miami, Florida. Torres tragically died 10 hours after receiving the injections, leaving behind two daughters, ages seven and eight.

When Torres exited the center, which is now closed — with packages stacked at the locked doors, she appeared disoriented and was seen by a neighboring business owner. The man, who is only being identified as Naveed, told NBCMaimi:

“I was looking at her and she fell down so I went outside, I picked her up, I asked her where’s her car.”

Torres’ mother, Coralia Espinosa, said her daughter was then rushed to the hospital accompanied by the center’s owner, Ruth Planas – who Espinosa claims never told the doctors about the procedure. “Maybe if that woman would’ve told them early my daughter would still be here,” she said.

The police have launched an investigation following Torres’ passing and her procedure that was done by a purported Venezuelan “doctor.” The fatal visit was her second to the clinic as she had visited the same location weeks earlier in which an oily yellow substance was injected into each of her butt cheeks, according to court documents.

Authorities are treating it as a manslaughter investigation connected to the unlicensed practice of medicine. Planas has refused to provide any information on the unknown man who performed the procedure, he is believed to have left the country.

Torres’ death happened only 16 days after Dailen Garcia claims she received buttocks injections at the same center and then suffered vision problems and bleeding of the lungs, and was hospitalized in an intensive care unit. Her attorney, Jorge Gutierrez, is preparing to take that case to court. He said, “All the physicians in the medical records have directly linked the cosmetic injections with the damages that she’s had.”

Photo: Twitter

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