Floyd Mayweather responds to illiteracy accusations by tweeting a picture of $72,276,000 in checks



This week, 50 Cent was the latest to turn up the heat in his feud with boxer Floyd Mayweather, daring Mayweather to read one full page of any Harry Potter book “without f****** up,” at which point 50 would donate $750,000 to the charity of Mayweather’s choosing.

Then, on Friday, DJs on Power 105.1 in New York City played unedited audio of Mayweather struggling to read a “drop,” or short promotional tag, for the radio station. The results were not pretty:



You’ll note that one of the DJs is rather more uncomfortable with the situation than the other two. But, in their own words, “[they’ve] got to sell tickets, too.”

So: How did Floyd Mayweather, Jr., one of the most-respected and most-feared boxers of his time, respond?

By showing how many tickets he can sell. Here’s the photo Floyd tweeted out:

No matter what you think of his reading skills, Floyd can add just fine. Those are checks for $31,406,000 and $40,870,000. When you add those large figures together, you do indeed have the amount of $72,276,000.

To put that figure in perspective: that’s enough money to buy 543 complete sweet chocolate bathroom suites from BathroomSweets.com.

Alternately, it’s enough money to buy 831,427 sets of all seven Harry Potter books, which Mayweather could then give away to every single resident of his home city of Las Vegas, and have about a quarter million left over to boot.

While we wait for 50’s response, then, the relevant question seems to be: What would you do with $72,276,000? Other than avoid internet squabbles, of course.

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