Florida man arrested after allegedly smoking formaldehyde, crashing ride, dancing naked in public

Formaldehyde smoker mugshot

Felix Lockett knows that if you’re gonna go off the deep end, to make it count and to do it in Florida!

Police responding to a single-car crash Wednesday morning claim they found the 34-year-old stoned on a combination of marijuana and formaldehyde and getting his groove on in his birthday suit on the streets of Orange County, Florida.

An eyewitness on the scene told a local news station that (pop and) Lockett, “Had the music in the car playing real loud and he was whamming, whamming on the car, like he was beating to the sound of the music.”

Yes. I said FORMALDEHYDE – lemme explain…

The police, who had to unfortunately respond to this call, found themselves overwhelmed by fumes that emanated from the cab of Felix’s ride. Orange County Fire Department spokesman John Mulhall told WFTV, “Upon entering the vehicle, they started feeling ill – nausea, headache, vomiting. A couple of other deputies were on scene to assist that trooper. All three were transported to the hospital.”

Officials have since determined that what sent the authorities to the hospital and Lockett on a crazy naked dancing spree was, in fact, formaldehyde. Lockett allegedly admitted to smoking – SMOKING – a combination of the preservative found in many biology classes and the more socially acceptable plant.

Lockett has been charged with driving under the influence.