Bobbi Kristina death rumors swirl as Bobby Brown remains defiant

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It’s been over a week since the most recent report that Bobbi Kristina was near death. Since then, rumors and possibilities have gone rampant, and father Bobby Brown’s statements on his intentions for his daughter have become clearer and more defiant. Meanwhile, the family maintains a constant vigil.

A report emerged over Memorial Day weekend that Bobbi Kristina’s family was ready to let the 22-year-old go, and that they had agreed to take her off of life support. It was an abrupt about-face for the often-clashing Bobby Brown and Pat and Cissy Houston, who share joint guardianship over Bobbi Kristina. It had long been rumored that Bobby wanted to keep his daughter alive as long as possible, and would go to any length to do so, while the Houstons only wanted Bobbi Kristina to pass as peacefully as possible.

That report was proven called into question a few days later, when there was no news on Bobbi Kristina’s changed condition. And Bobby made his stance perfectly clear in statements he provided via family members to both People and the Washington Post:


It’s background noise. Bobby hears these reports, and it’s annoying to him. He hates that people are just waiting for his daughter to die….Don’t believe any reports that Bobby is going to take her off life support. He’s never going to do that. I don’t think he’ll ever go there; if there’s a 2 percent chance, a 1 percent chance, a 0.1 percent chance, he will keep hope alive.


As of now, Bobbi Kristina remains in her Roswell GA townhouse, on life support, and surrounded by both family and mementos of her mother.

In related news, a new book detailing the relationship both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina had with drugs is forthcoming. Investigative journalist Ian Helprin’s Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame will be released by Galley Books on June 9th. The book will argue that Bobbi Kristina emulated her mother’s dark spiral into drug use as a means of dealing with Whitney’s untimely death. Allegedly, the book will also detail the extent to which Bobbi Kristina’s own drug use accelerated in the wake of Houston’s death.



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